After An Adjustment

Once you have experienced your first adjustment, congratulations are in order. The purpose of your first adjustment is to begin to correct vertebral subluxations (spinal misalignments causing nerve interference) that have most likely been present for a while, maybe years. As a result, your body and mind may have become accustomed to behavior patterns produced by a nervous system that was not working at its best. This will begin to change with your first adjustment!

You may or may not feel like a young pup again, but chances are that you will feel 'different'... you might notice that your breath has deepened, a change in the position of your neck or head, a feeling of being more relaxed or at ease, or a feeling of having more energy. Perhaps you are not quite sure what you feel!

Any or all of these feelings are very common. But with the first five or six adjustments, most people know that something very powerful, exciting and creative has been released within them and that their body is changing!

Perhaps you had an ailment, pain, or symptom you were hoping to resolve when you first came to our office. We can't tell you exactly how a specific symptom may be affected by chiropractic care. However, we can tell you that your adjustment has allowed your spine and nervous system to begin to recover from a state of hampered functioning. This may have affected your muscles, heart, lungs, digestive organs - each and every body part over the years.

With each adjustment your body is beginning its re-education process. From this moment on, a healthier spine and nervous system and an improved quality of life is within your reach!


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